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A. S. D. Jujitsu Panda Style
Via Ca' Routes To Badia Polesine
(At the gym in Elementary School)
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1) L’ A. S. D. Ju-Jitsu Panda Style has as its only purpose is the dissemination and the practice of Ju-Jitsu and personal defense.

2) inside of the gym you must have respect of the highest belts in the more older and experienced, who can advise each athlete in learning the discipline. The highest belts must have the respect of the belts more low: even by the less expert, can be drawn many lessons for the improvement of their knowledge. The approach to the other must always be based on the respect of the roles in a condition of reciprocity.

3) Ju-Jitsu is a martial art of self-defense, and primarily serves to maintain a state of psycho-physical balance: athletes who were caught abusing their knowledge for the purposes of violence, or play, inside or outside of the gym, will be immediately reprimanded and the behavior will be evaluated by the Commission.

4) On the tatami, or the place where you perform the workouts, it is absolutely prohibited any kind of activity different from that of the practice of sport.

5) The climb on the tatami in the dojo is only allowed barefoot. The footwear used to arrive at the tatami must be placed NEATLY, before the beginning of each workout.

6) And’ absolutely forbidden to climb on and off the tatami during training without the prior consent of the Master or of those designated to replace them during the lesson.

7) Every time you go up or down from the tatami, it is necessary to make the ritual greeting, turning towards the tatami.

8) And’ absolutely forbidden to disturb the course of lessons squawking or screaming before, during and after exercise, up or down from the mat : it is a sign of good education to allow the fellow exercise in a proper environment. Please note, however, that any conduct that was loud, will be promptly recalled: an excessive number of calls may result in removal of the student indefinitely from the training.

9) is it a good idea to keep a correct hygiene of your body that your kimono: it is recommended, therefore, particular attention to the parts most exposed, as the feet and hands, and for parts that could be particularly hazardous, as the long nails.

10) it is required to submit a medical certificate of healthy and robust constitution for the practice of non-competitive valid for the current year: athletes who intend to pursue a competitive activity, at any level, shall be required to produce a specific agonistic medical certificate issued by a sport medical centre recognized by the National Health Service.

11) And’ made absolute prohibition of the wearing of bracelets, necklaces, rings and watches during the lesson, while the use of earrings is allowed if and only if it is not pending and protected by band-aids: their use may be the cause of unpleasant accidents causing harm to themselves or to others.

12) athletes who come in late, they must ask the permission of the train, however, to the Master or designee, who reserves the right to annotate delays recurrence and to call the athlete.

13) their accompanying persons are kindly requested to be in the gym before the end of the lesson, in order to ensure a quick and orderly flow of athletes for the continuation of the lessons.

14) The commitment, conduct, punctuality and attendance are the key points on which instructors base their reviews: on the basis of the latter, will be chosen, the athletes can take exams, sports competitions, internships, and any other type of activities that are not ordinary.

15) At the dojo there is a Commission, initially composed by the founders of the A. S. D. Ju-Jitsu Panda Style that takes every decision relating to the management and organization of the association.

16) The enrollment of an athlete at the dojo is evaluated and authorized by the Director, the Technical subject of the next assessment by the Commission in order to verify the motivations and credentials

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